Teslights provides professional stewardship for supporting the increasing rate of LED Lighting technology among mariners navigating inland waterways and open seas.

Teslights Marine Lighting, manufactures in strict compliance with international quality standards for the marine environment, including owners and operators of inland, intracoastal, and blue water vessels, as well as ship fabrication and repair yards.



Wheel House, Living & Lounging Areas, Deck & Work Areas, Cargo Areas, Engine Rooms
and Flanking Areas

ship yard

Office & Administration Area, Fabrication & Repair Shops, Parking Lots, Work Yards, Dry Docks
and Heavy Equipment


Compliance & Quality

Our rugged LED fixtures were specifically designed to handle the harsh environment of the maritime industry both on your vessels, and in your shipyards. We understand you have many choices so we take great care in leading your transition into LED through innovation, and industry leading technology.

We invite you to know our products.


Improve Work Area Safety and Save Energy